Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Weekend recap.

So I had a pretty busy weekend. You might have noticed due to the lack of updates on here.

Friday night, Sean and I went to our favorite dinner spot for some yummy chinese. After dinner we received our fortune cookies. I have heard somewhere that you're supposed to eat the fortune cookie before you read the fortune, so I follow that rule. However Sean was for some reason rushing me to read my fortune. I gobbled up my cookie and read my fortune. It read, "You and your wife will be happy in your life together." I told Sean what it said and he laughed and said, "You're joking right?" I replied that I was not joking, that apparently I was a lesbian. He told me he got the exact same fortune and that he had thought it was funny that his fortune mentioned wife, given the events of the last few weeks.

Saturday morning was beautiful. The weather was super nice, therefore it was a lovely day to be at the MS Walk. My cheer girls were volunteering at the walk. So we spent the morning enjoying the blue sky outside at The Gateway. It was really nice to see how many people showed up there to participate in the walk.

Later on Saturday, I went up to Park City with some girlfriends. We went out to dinner at Squatters and went dancing at Harry O's. The night was super fun despite some minor drama that involved losing my car key and the condo key. Luckily, and I never thought I'd say this, one of the girls had gone out on the balcony to have a smoke and accidentally left the door open. Because of that, we were able to get back into the condo. There was still the matter of me not having a way to drive home in the morning, so Sean was nice enough to rescue us by going to my house, finding my spare key and driving it up to me in Park City. He is so awesome and I'm lucky to have him. Thanks to him I was able to drive back down to the valley and enjoy a beautiful Sunday.
Pictures from this night to come...

I went and visited at my dad's house where my little brother was showing of his collection of nerf weaponry.

Later I went to Sean's for sunday dinner. After dinner we all spent some time outside where I ended up playing catch with Sean's brother in high heels. The funniest part of that was Sean's sister thought that I played softball until she saw me throw. The best way to describe how I throw would be "like a girl".

Good times!

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