Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Obsessions: the color gray!

One of the colors that I'm in love with this season is gray!

In honor of that obsession, I created a new Kaboodle list full of items in shades of gray.

I filled mostly with stuff that is already on other lists of mine, but I also searched out a few new items as well. One of the new items happened to be skinny jeans made out of gray denim. I think I'm in love. I want a pair so bad now!

I'm also obsessed with the colors pink and yellow too. rubyslippers beat me to the punch with her yellow themed list Hey Sunshine! Pink lists are overdone on kaboodle, so I decided to skip that...

Just thought I'd share my obsession...

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Nothing said...

Gray is pretty awesome I must say. I'm still into the Kate Mossish gray jeans too :) Very cool