Friday, May 9, 2008

Thursday recap!

Usually I recap just my weekends because my weekdays are usually just filled with work. That can get pretty repetitive in a hurry!

Yesterday was a little out of the ordinary and quite fun. I had to leave my main job early to go to the stunt safety clinic that the U of U cheerleaders put on. The little coaches' meeting nearly scared me half to death, but I'm mostly over it now. The girls did quite well with their stunting and I'm super proud of them.

The best part of the clinic is when we were leaving, Wendy, Jessica and I walked past some cheerleaders from HJH, which all three of us cheered at. Being silly I yelled, "Go HJH!" as we walked past them. Then Wendy told them that the three of us had cheered there and I told them to look us up in the library. (The tradition at HJH is that the SBO's and Cheerleaders have their pictures put up in the library.) Then as we walked away, the three of us decided to see if we could remember the school song and dance, which we kind of did remember. So we' did the school song from junior high in the middle of the parking lot. We are SO cool! ;)

Later, Wendy and I had to meet with the girls and their parents. It was my first time meeting most of their parents so it was a little intimidating. Its lucky that I work with Wendy, because she is awesome with all that stuff. I definitely have a lot to learn from her.

One totally funny thing is that the girls all call my "Addy" because the can't or don't want to try to say my name.

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