Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kitty cat, wild dogs and some chickens.


Wednesday night, I got home from tumbling and there was the neighbor's cute kitty cat sitting under the rose bush. I miss my cat, Willow, who lives with my mom over an hour away. Because of that, whenever a see a cat, I want to pet it. It doesn't matter than I'm hugely allergic to them. No big deal, I went up to the cat and started petting her. She was so adorable.

Blurry kitty
She wouldn't stop moving!

Traci came out to see what I was doing. We were both playing with the cat for a few minutes before the dogs discovered what was going on. Those hellians totally lost it and went wild barking and clawing at the door and windows. Those dogs give me more reasons to not ever want a dog as pet than any other dog ever has. Traci took the cat back to the neighbor's house while her mom and I tried to calm the dogs down.

A few minutes later the cat was back on the porch meowing away. The dogs lost all sense of calm once more. This time Traci and I walked the kitty back to the neighbor's house where surprisingly enough, she stayed.

As we were walking back to the house, this guy pulls up alongside us, rolls down the window and asked us if we had seen any chickens. I'm thinking, "Uh... no I ate a chicken nugget today, but I haven't had the pleasure of seeing live fowl today, thanks." What is this? Genola? No, I haven't seen any chickens running around! Since he was a stranger, I refrained from any snide remarks. Traci, always the sweetheart, shook her head no and asked why. The guy explained that his little brother had some chickens, but that they had gotten loose. At this point I'm wanting to bust up in laughter just trying to imagine the events the led up to this chicken prisonbreak, but I kept my cool. He asked us to let him know if we saw any chickens, but that he didn't recommend trying to pick them up. Yeah, right. Like I would try that, do I look stupid?

Never a dull moment on my street.


Marrdy said...

Such a cute kitty. Maybe I will have to come out and visit just to meet Grey Kitty.

Unknown said...

That kitty is adorable.

In the neighborhood I grew up in (in Brooklyn!) there were several people who kept live chickens in their front yards. It was the strangest thing walking home from school alternately getting barked at and clucked at.

Nichole said...

loved the part about the chickens! "do i look stupid?" hahahahahaha