Monday, July 14, 2008

Revisiting "Lets talk nicknames"

One of my posts that was featured on The Secret is in the Sauce today is "Lets talk nicknames." With how many SITS girls there were leaving comment love, there were enough that validated a response that I decided to make it a post rather than a comment response. If you haven't already read that post, catch up by reading it, the comments and then come back for my responses.

WheresMyAngels, Yes, kids do suck. In 4th grade on of my classmates called me faggot-el. Real clever, right?
"G" would be kinda of cool if it didn't sound so gangsta. ;)

Givinya De Elba, Thanks, glad you're loving the layout. I used to think black was easy to read on, but I like this better.
A great mom, huh? Maybe, I guess I could give it a try someday!

Tara, hope that you didn't hate the nickname "T"!

Cristin, Creepy is a peculiar nickname, at least it has a cute story behind it. I used to call my brother Adam "Amo" when he was born because I was only a little over a year old when he was born. That one has stuck around with our mother.

Heather, I have an aunt named Pamela, but her nickname is Patty. I never understood it, but I guess Charlie Brown's friend, Peppermint Patty, her real name is Pamela. At least that's how the explained it.
I also have a cousin Heather. We call her Heath/Heth and feather heth. I don't mind your comment ramblings one bit!

Wendy, if only violence was the answer with this one... ;)

Chandra Stauffer, I'm thrilled that you're adding me to your reader. I'll try to continue deserving the description of "a hoot"!

Hot Tub Lizzy, if you ever do feel ready to share, let me know!

Kat, she still calls me Orny, but no one else does, thank goodness!

Jill, oh my gosh, I never thought of it like that, but you're right. That'd be terrible!

Deanna, Thank you! :)

Half-Past Kissin' Time, I'm glad you put that stranger in her place! Some people...

sassy stephanie, my sister is also named Stephanie. I call her Steph. I wonder how she feels about that...

Me, Your nicknames are pretty funny!

Sonya, glad you're planning on coming back! I'll look forward to hearing from ya!

Kristen and Peggy, Thanks! I do love my unique name!

Swirl Girl, Hot and Juicy! That makes me laugh. Sorry you had to deal with it. I kinda like the Wahltah too ;)

Karol, poor you! You with your Klassy job and nicknames! I feel for you!

Jenni, I'm sure you get a lot of the Forrest Gump Jenny pronunciation as well.

Ronnica, cool name and nickname. I know what you mean about feeling special though.

Stephanie, I called my little sister Step-on-me to bug her when we were kids. I feel bad now! haha
Sorry sis!

Gina, I love the BB nickname story!

Jennifer P, yeah most people don't have a clue when it comes to my name. I guess that is something I'll live with for life. Oh well.

Hairline Fracture, yeah nicknames can sure take some people by surprise!

WheresMyAngels, sorry to disappoint. I think that's why it wasn't up there in the first place, its not really that interesting.

Melissa Lester, I adore terms of endearment. My ex had a lot of good ones for me. The thing about them though is that you shouldn't really use them too much in public.

insta-mom, I'm thrilled that I almost induced a "beverage through the nose incident". What an ego boost!

Perez Family Spot, I've made up names at restaurants before. Sometimes I use my middle name, or my date's name. Lately, I've been using the name Tonya, as in my former co-worker because everywhere I go for lunch has her name in their system already.

SBelle, I'm curious as to where tidbit came from now.

Simply Stork, I may or may not answer to them all, depends on how recently I've been called it.


WheresMyAngels said...

lol I never thought of "G" as gangsta!! Probably because it is mostly online friends calling me that (these are online friends I also meet IRL). I also have a friend "A" and "E", it is sad because the first 3 years I knew them, I didn't know their real names, not even when we were doing a girls weekend together!! lol

Oh one of my staff does call me "G" she also calls me "Boss Lady" which I find kinda funny.

Ronnica said...

Thanks! You'd think I'd feel pretty special if people at least don't call me VEronica!