Monday, July 14, 2008

Revisiting "I don't hate smokers, I hate the things they do"

One of my posts that was featured on The Secret is in the Sauce today is "I don't hate smokers, I hate the things they do." With how many SITS girls there were leaving comment love, there were enough that validated a response that I decided to make it a post rather than a comment response. If you haven't already read that post, catch up by reading it, the comments and then come back for my responses.

4 under 4, Heather and Hot Tub Lizzy, That is so sad and disturbing! Poor kids with the second hand smoke!

And Baby Will Make 4, Great idea! I'll have to think about that...

lemonologie, I couldn't agree more. Even going outside isn't always going to make me happy.

Mrs. S, no need to apologize, rant away. That is so sad about your asthma! I hope your mom can find the will to quit someday!

Kat, that is so terrible! I guess that's what happens when people assume!

Dawn, you're right on that one! I guess opening the window if their kids are in the car is the least they could do.

Stephanie, That's so awesome! I've always said that I'd never date anyone that smoked either.

The Blaisdell Family, Right on! I completely agree. Technically its their right to smoke in the great out doors, but I still don't appreciate having to breathe it.
Also, good question on the return. All I know is that my manager approved the return.

Two Lines on a Stick, that is one crazy lady!! I would judge a women that smoked while pregnant to the end of this earth!

Me, I guess some people can't practice what they preach.

Cara Starr, yeah, I unfortunately have to deal with that stuff far more frequently than I would like to admit. Gross.

Jyll, its great to hear a response from the point of view of a smoker. I'm with you on the other points you made regarding the rude and unhealthy habits some people form. I would never generalize the situation as by saying EVERY smoker out there is rude and inconsiderate. As with any of life situations, every person is different.

Sooz, Unfortunately ventilation has the nasty habit of circulating many unpleasant odors.

Now this post was the least commented on and I truly hope it isn't because I offended anyone out there. These are just my personal rants about some things I've seen my 22 years of being alive. As with people in general, I'm fully aware that not every smoker is a clone of the next one in line. I have known some closet smokers that are mortified by their addiction and would do anything not to let other people find out. Some people just have bad habits with things, and these are, in my opinion, bad habits from some smokers. I guess the original post should've been labeled "I don't hate smokers, I hate the things some of them do."

Thanks for all the comment love!


Insane Mama said...

I love that you threw your thoughts out there, everybody is so scared of being judged or hated for their thoughts, your thoughts are beautiful. And so are you :)

WheresMyAngels said...

second what insane said :)

Human Racing said...

I'm not anti-smokers, but I am very anti-smoking. Totally agree with you.