Monday, July 14, 2008

Things that made my day.

Happy Monday! Here comes another work week!

-Being featured on The Secret is in the Sauce! I adored what Heather said about me on there! I love knowing she enjoys those features of my blog.

-Comments galore! I promise, I will respond to all of you! I hope you saw something you liked and will return again!

-Getting invited to If you have an interest in beauty or fashion, you should sign up!

-Marrdy called Leona Lewis "Louisa Lancock." She's so funny!

-No panty hell/heaven today! That means I get to catch up on responding to all the comments that I got today.

-Two of the VV brothers showed up to work today in nearly identical outfits. I think they're single-handedly trying to save Steve & Barry's from bankruptcy.


Marrdy said...

The double V's looked very sharp today dressed like twins. And Leona Lewis should change her name so I can remember it. Do love her song though.

Anonymous said...

That cracks me up! Tell the Double V's they gave me a good laugh and to quit shopping at the same store.
Tell little V tiny T says hi.

Pj.steph said...

I love that you blurred out their faces! :) Very kind of you. lol

Marrdy makes me laugh. Also made me take down my one post about work...

Another question... how do I search for someone's blog by typing in their name? GOOGLE??

Teach me to be more like you sister! I don't know how you work and do so many different things on the internet all day. Makes me jealous. Though maybe if I wasn't so glued to watching friends, I'd do more. Its not like I don't have all the time in the world.

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Steph, Honestly, that's the only way that they would let me take their picture is if I promised to blur their faces.

Yes, people frequently google my name and end up at my blog. I have no idea why people are google-ing my name.

I actually do a lot of my pre-typing of posts at home, leave them as drafts and publish them when I'm good and ready.