Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Making the switch - New home!

You may or may not have noticed this already, but either way, I've decided to finally address this...

I decided to make the switch from my blogspot address over to my own domain name.

The change has been made, but there are still a lot of little changes I need to do behind the scenes. I'll have to ask you to bear with me while I get all the kinks worked out. In the mean time, I probably won't be doing many new post simply because I don't want to present you with something that isn't fully completed.

In the meantime, here is what I need from you...

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Before the switch, my authority was up to 31. Now I'm starting over and I could use your help building it back up.

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Thanks for all your support! I hope to have things up and back to normal as soon as possible!


La Buutique said...

I got you updated on my spots ;-)



thank you very much for your kind words

i just do my best to provide the best Paris street style and fashion weeks photos coverage

and the coming photo i am gonna post tonight will amaze you

i changed your url, you can sleep in peace ! lol

cheers from Paris pretty girl



Thank you! ♥ Your comments mean a lot. So I do try to comment everyone back. Anyway I can, I just try to make time for it. Congrats on the domaiN! :)

we wear things said...

oh yay for the new domain!

Anonymous said...

subscribed to the updated link on my google reader =)

Nicole Linette said...

Ohhh I've had some trouble getting on your page lately, and maybe that was why :) I would love to swap links with you, I like reading your posts a ton!


Marrdy said...

Glad you are getting this all worked out and thank goodness for your awesome brother! He did do a great job.

Brandy A. Brown said...

Yay I got it all setup to update your stuff in the Blogs I Read section and in my google reader. Mmmm, isn't google reader the coolest thing ever.

On the boyfriend front... yeah, don't we always miss having one when we don't?? Don't get too jealous, hehe, I only write about the positive stuff.