Thursday, September 18, 2008

Clothing Swap

I've been wanting to do a clothing swap for ages, but I've never been able to generate much interest with people that I know. I get jealous when I see them happening all over the place, everywhere but near me.

So clothing swap-less I've lived my life.
Until today.

Today, Ali announced on her blog that she is planning an internet clothing swap. I absolutely love that idea.

If you love that idea too, head over to find out more about it and express your interest right away!


Unknown said...

Thanks for mentioning it! I hope to get enough people that we all really feel like there's something we'd want to claim, you know?

Lump said...

If I had some really fabulous items of clothing then I would totally be in. But I FAIL. ;)

Aunt Julie said...

This sounds so interesting! My daughter, who happens to be a fashionista like you, just moved into a teeny-tiny dorm room and is having trouble getting everything to fit. I'm gonna tell her about this. Thanks!

terren said...

what a wonderful idea! i think i will head over there now :) maybe we will exchange some clothes in the future

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Swaps are so cool, but I hear it goes badly between friends. Much better to do with acquaintances/strangers!

ashleigh said...

ohh i would love to do this but i get so attached to my clothes and i think "what if" "will i" ohh lord, i'd be crying and clinging onto clothes from 5 years ago.

can't wait to see how it goes though!

Mimi said...

that's freaky a couple days ago i talked with my sister about clothing swap but only between friends.
I'm not sure if I'd take part but like ashleigh i'm really excited about the result :)


You're going to be an Aunt!!! Yippeee! :)

Thanks for the b'day comments !!! (aw) you're so lovely.

This clothing swap idea sounds like a lot of fun. I'm in the middle of a move, so Lord knows I will find stuff to "swap" once I start organizing myself into the new place.

xo/ fashion chalet