Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Early morning, lunchtime and a bad habit

First off, I woke up at 3AM this morning.
Try as I might, I couldn't go back to sleep. My brain automatically starting running through the routine that I had to teach this morning to get ready for homecoming.
I had to be up at 4 anyway to get ready for practice, but I was still bugged. I so could've used that extra hour of sleep.

Despite the early morning, my day has ended up being splendid. The boots that I ordered from arrived today. It made me actually excited for the cooler weather that we're scheduled to have this weekend. Troy brought in these delicious cookies that his sweet wife made. Also, Marrdy stopped by today so we got to chat before I left for lunch.

At lunch, I went to the office where my sister and one of my brothers work. I visited with the two of them for a bit before heading back to work.

Steph took this photo and I really liked the composition of it. Go Steph!
Plaid Target Dress - Tree

Here, Adam and I are posing like a bunch of fools!
Siblings Posing
Siblings Posing

Here is Steph sporting the skirt that I made her. Look at her cute pregnant belly.
Handmade plaid skirt

Today I am wearing a dress I picked up from Target a few weeks ago. Their current Go International collection is super cute!
Plaid Target Dress
Plaid Target Dress
Plaid Target Dress
Plaid Target Dress - Close up
Plaid Target Dress
Plaid Target Dress
Plaid Target Dress - Back View

I got these shoes back when I hosted a shoe party. I got all kinds of discounts on top of the already low prices so they were super cheap!
Navy Peep Toe Shoes

Now lets talk about a bad habit I've picked up sometime over the last few months.
Plaid Target Dress - I have a bad habit
Take a peak in the upper left hand corner at my finger nails.
Ugly, right?
Every time I paint my nails, the next day I start to pick at the polish. It is not something that I conciously do, I just look down and notice I've chipped off half the polish. I really hate that I do this because I'm constantly having to repaint my nails.
Any suggestions on how to quit this bad habit?


Pj.steph said...

Yay, go me! Haha. My sister is just too cool for me to handle. :P

Unknown said...

That dress is completely gorgeous on you and I LOVE the way you popped the blue shoe.

I had the same problem with picking my nail polish. I still do it sometimes when I'm bored or vegging or whatever. What I did to make myself cut back was get fake nails put on. Because they were costing me a lot of money and were actually really difficult to pick at, it mostly broke the habit for me. But, again, it was an expensive way to break the habit.

Unknown said...

Also, the skirt looks great on Steph. And I love the way she tied the blue bow above her belly.

Jillian Hobbs said...

aww cute dress! <3 it

Rebecca Jane said...

great dress! I must go to the states sometime and see all these go international lines for myself. those shoes are also fabulous!

Marrdy said...

Wow, you have really great legs. No wonder cars honk at you out in front of work. Love the dress. Your sister is a pretty good photographer...I believe I have been replaced.

And Steph looks SOO cute pregnant.

And I never noticed but I think
you and Adam actually look alike!

Marrdy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WheresMyAngels said...

Love, love your shoes! And love the cute prego outfit, she looks adorable in it.

Lump said...

LOVE the dress. It looks fabulous on you!


That dress is from Target? Wow, I need to go check it out. I absolutely adore it!! :) And you are so talented, you made such a cute skirt for your friend. She is now a stylish Mom-to-Be! :)

Thanks for the Birthday wishes and kind comments, my dear. I am working on the "b'day post" as we speak.. should have it up sometime later* today. Or tonight! :)

xo/ fashion chalet

Sally Jane Vintage said...

I saw that dress at Target and was really tempted by it. I love the exposed zipper detail.

Jewls said...

Just don't paint them!! That's my solution, I do the same thing. The worst is that I usually do it at church. It's totally subconscious but suddenly I will look down and there are polish flakes all over the ground...yeah, I don't paint my nails much anymore. Your pictures are sassy, I like the new hairstyle, it's cute!!

christine said...

I really like that dress, I tried it on but it just wasn't for me. I'm glad someone is getting use out of it because the collar & back zip are amazing!

ashleigh said...

that dress is awesome!

and steph looks cute as with that little bow belt too!

haha i love the half painted nails. reminds me of me! i always get distracted and forget to finish them. hence, i just stop painting all together.


you look awesome as always :)


Anonymous said...

I know I have said this before and I'm going to say it again, you and your siblings are so frickn cute!

Cute outfit and tell Steph she looks super cute and so fashionable.

It was fun seeing you Monday night, I hope your sisters had fun...they are super cut!

Nicole Linette said...

I love love lovvvee the dresses :D


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