Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Costume Party

Steph and Norman threw a costume party at their house this past weekend. I adore Halloween and I loved seeing everyone in their costumes. I was also excited to wear the Vampire costume that I made this year. I spent a lot of time making the skirt, but the necklace was really easy to make. I also made a cape to wear, but ended up not liking it so it's just sitting in my bedroom. I found the red, ruffled shirt for my costume at Forever 21. The studded mary-janes came from Forever 21 as well. I got the tights and coffin clutch from the costume store.

Here are some photos from the party:

The boys

The girls

It's so weird seeing these pictures of me, I think the pale makeup just makes me look sick in these photos. I purchased the cheapest mineral foundation I could find in the lightest color they had, I also used some white sparkly powder to pull off the vampire look. I had a blast doing my hair and makeup. I'm so glad I decided not to wear a wig.

Christina, Stephanie and Adiel


You can't see it in this photo, but Sean has bite marks on his neck. He was dressed as my victim.

Sean and Adiel

Almost the very first thing that happened when I got to the party was the necklace that I made broke, so that is why I'm not wearing it in any pictures. I also didn't get any pictures of the back of my skirt, which is my favorite part.


I kept taking my teeth out to talk because they made me lisp so I ended up dropping my teeth and they broke! I have to get them fixed before the costume parties on actual Halloween! I'm planning on dressing up at work even though I'll probably be the only one since Marrdy is gone now.


Pj.steph said...

The skirt turned out great! Sean looks funny. haha. Shh! Don't tell him. (Sean: if you read this ever, I'm so kidding! You look great!)
Good job breaking your teeth. lol. The dude pretending to be black cracks me up! Mostly because of the white line around his collar.

Lump said...

you look so awesome!! what a great costume.

Brandy A. Brown said...

Aww, nice! That looks like tons of fun dear! I wish I could sew.

Unknown said...

Adorable. Love the hair and I love that you bought a bunch of stuff that you can just use every day after this. Except the coffin purse... that's not really your every day style.

Marrdy said...

I think you look fabulous and very scary. A little Cullenish!! I may have to dress up but only at your office!

Rebecca Jane said...

Fabulous and actually quite a pretty vampire - not too scary! Even with a victim! haha

I really like that skirt!!

Jewls said...

I'm glad you like halloween, I am not such a fan! It was fun when I was a kid and trick-or-treated, but the whole dressing up thing is really not my favorite...unfortunately my boss is requiring a costume...maybe we should switch jobs on friday?! LOL

WendyB said...

Nice fangs!

Anonymous said...

You look so great...I love halloween and seeing all the fun creative costumes that people come up with.

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