Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pattern behavior

Pattern Behavior

I've realized a bit of a trend in the patterns that I will wear.

I won't wear camouflage.
I won't wear abstract prints.
I won't wear animal print.

I will wear plaid.
I will wear polka-dots.
I will wear stripes.
I will wear houndstooth.

I sometimes wear floral prints. Depends on the print.

I've decided that in order for me to want to wear a pattern, it has to have some sort a symmetry to it. Make sense? Look at the ones I like versus the ones I don't.

Are there certain patters that you will or won't wear?


On another note entirely...
I randomly decided to quit drinking caffeine yesterday. Cold turkey. The headaches started today, just another confirmation that I'm addicted and need to quit. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!


Dana (MODAna) said...

I'm gonna show my boyfriend this post!! I told him caffeine numbs headaches and ppl who are addicted to coffee/coke/diet coke/etc don't get headaches and he wouldn't believe me!!
I searched google everywhere for something explaining it and he wouldn't give me credit for feeling crappy cos I hadn't had a diet coke in days
anyways I say try animal prints, it's a shame to miss out.


I love the same prints as you. :)

Thanks for the comment on my new boots. Halloween is tomorrow, yay, your photos below have me all giddy! :)

♥/ fashion chalet

Lee Jones said...

i definitely agree with not wearing camouflage

Unknown said...

The pattern thing makes sense, except animal prints are generally symmetric. So maybe it's also about size and scope of the print? I tend not to wear as many abstract prints because they're too large for my petite frame and I try not to wear zebra or giraffe for the same reason (and I do wear leopard print because the spots are smaller).

I gave up soda after being a 12-pack a day person. It was absolute hell. Drinking a lot of water helps with the headaches, but not with the addiction. A temporary, less bad for you addiction to something else helps. Like Dum Dums and television saved my life. What also helped was figuring out how much I spent on soda a day and specifically appropriating that money to something else. If I didn't drink soda for two days, that was the price of a shirt. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

My mom quit smoking for years by saying she wasn't quitting, she was postponing. She was just postponing having her next cigarette. It made her feel less pressure, and if she did have a cigarette she didn't feel like she had to give up on not smoking. Eventually she started again, but it did work for a long time.

Lump said...

Animal print. Never. except maybe a pair of heels or flats. But I'm all about polka dots and stripes! :)

Marrdy said...

If you wear camo maybe no one will ever be able to see you. Just a thought! I do love me some polka dots. I am with you on the abstract and animal prints.

she planted a tree said...

these patterns are great!