Saturday, February 7, 2009

The "almost" outfit

In preparation for a night out with the girls, I tried on a lot of outfits. I had settled on this outfit.

The white buttoned top is from The black skirt, the maroon tights and shoes are all from Target.


As you will see in posts to come, I changed my mind about the outfit last minute...


Camilla said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!!!
I love your outfit so much and you actually pull it off amazingly!!
I'm in love with it..

Let's exchange links! I'm addicted to your blog <33

Hope you have the best of days, dear!

Diana said...

I love your outfit. Who needs to pay high price for style? I love Target! You make this look expensive!

EraseMe said...

This might be the hottest I've ever seen your body look. Smokin goodness!

Marrdy said...

Because I am one of your mothers I feel it is my duty to tell you that this outfit is much too sexy for you....but you look very cute in it!

Ida said...

Adiel, WOW!!! This has to be my favorite outfit of yours, and you are looking fierce!

Plus, I love your new header, so professional and still edgy.

You need to take me out with your girls some time. Looks like you are having a blast on a regular basis!