Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thursday Girls Night

Most of my girlfriends had Friday off this week, so we decided to take advantage of it and go out.

Alisha, Nicole and Stephanie came over to mine and Tilila's new place to get ready despite the fact that its not entirely put together.


We ended up taking a lot of fun photos, as you can see.


The photos got sillier as we went...


...and they didn't stop once we got in to the car.


Once at Trolley, Steph was in need of a bathroom, as you can tell by her face. We weren't quite sure where it was at this place so the search led to more silly pictures.


Nicole, Tilila and Steph scope out the place from above and later Steph took a shot of Sprite!


Pretty sure the best photo from the night is this one of Steph on the dance floor. Her hair and eyes look awesome, right?


Alisha and I heart you!


Afterwards, we met some people at "eye"-hop for a late night snack!


Despite the fact that we were missing some of the ladies, I had an absolute blast dancing the night away! It made my Friday feel like a Saturday or Sunday, which was sort of weird.
...but who cares. right?


Rebecca Jane said...

You girls all look adorable, and like you had such a great time!

EraseMe said...

You and all your friends are gorgeous. Lets do a group shoot! I'll play photographer

Lump said...

awww totally cute!! looks like you ladies had a great time! :)

Marrdy said...

You girls are crazy. I lvoe the picture of you in the dryer!! BUT are you eating? Why do I always ask you this? Aren't pictures supposed to put on 10 pounds? I swear they take 10 off you! (thanks for letting me rant!)

Aunt Julie said...

Oh, you make me miss my "going out with the girls" days! Love the new blog header...tres chic!

The Hawaiian Howells said...

looks like you guys had so much fun!! hope all is well in the new apt. love meg