Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Story From My Closet

Over the last few month, clothing and accessories seem to disappear from my closet. My roomie and like to to joke that our ghost, Phillip, is responsible (we hold him responsible for all unexplained happenings in our apartment).

As it turns out, I owe Phillip an apology.

For whatever reason I decided that 10PM last night was the perfect time to reorganize my closet (sorry downstairs neighbor!). It was a really good thing that I was in hyper-organize-mode last night because I found two of my missing belts! Hooray!

My Closet
My Closet

Next mission (should I choose to accept it), purge the unnecessary (but it's all necessary!) from my closet because I'm running out of room for things in this overstuffed space.


What I'm wearing...
On my nails...
  • Fingers - Water marbling of Essie's Lilacism and Sephora by OPI's Iris I Was Thinner
  • Toes - Sephora by OPI's Caliente Coral

Any closet organizing suggestions, my friends?

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