Wednesday, June 23, 2010

There's a Bow on Her Back!

I saw this dress in several online shops and I fell in love. I knew my favorite local boutique (Therapy in Mtn. View FTW!) carries the brand Tulle so I went in to see if they might have it. I described the dress to them and the Therapy ladies knew exactly which dress I was talking about, but they thought it was all sold out already because it was apparently a pretty hot item. Luckily one of them remembered that they had one left in back. I tried it on and, in another Cinderella moment, it fit! I walked away with a lighter wallet and a happier closet.




What I'm wearing...

What boutiques do you love in your area?


    Le Blog de Cornichoom said...

    The whole outfit is really nice!
    Please visit our blog & leave us a omment :D

    Kiss :)

    jemina said...

    This dress is so cute, love the bow at the back, XOXO

    Anna Katrina said...

    love the bow on your dress

    Anna Katrina

    Vicki said...

    I LOVE this outfit!! you look so pretty! i love the shape and shade of the dress..fabulous!! :) x

    Rohini said...

    LOVE that dress! Tres adorable. :)

    joana said...

    WOW this is GORGEOUS!
    Btw, I looove you’re blog. It’s so cute.

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    ♥, Johanna

    Lara said...

    hey girly! looking great as always. where's your "a" ring from?? LOVE!

    Ashley [Free Honey] said...

    This is such a cute dress! I love the detailing in the back.

    Xoxo Ashley

    Chelsea Finn said...

    aw that dress looks so lovely on you! :-)

    <3chelsea elizabeth

    Malu Keizer-Swartjes said...

    Great dress! The color looks amazing on you:D


    Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!
    Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!
    Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!

    Lexy @ QUIRKY EXPLOSION said...

    ADORABLE. For some reason, I'm associating this outfit with "Business on the front and party in the back"!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

    @Le Blog de Cornichoom, jemina, Anna Katrina, Vicki, CC,Johanna, Ashley, Chelsea Elizbeth, Malu - Big thanks! ;)

    @Lara - Thanks, lady! It's Ani & Alex from Urban Outfitters

    @Lexy - Ha! I love that!

    kittenmasks said...

    Those nails are killer!

    Debs - said...

    I've been stumbling your blog a lot lately- you've put together some really cute outfits!