Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Would You Wear? - Vintage YSL Shoes

My coworker recently purchased this pair of vintage YSL shoes from MyGmasCloset on Etsy after seeing them featured in this post on Kaboodle. Unfortunately for her, the shoes did not fit her. But in a true Cinderella moment, the shoes fit me perfectly, so she kindly handed them over to me (Thanks, MD!).

Vintage YSL Shoes

Vintage YSL Shoes

Vintage YSL Shoes

Since they became mine, I've been wondering what to wear with them... but I keep coming up blank.

Vintage YSL Shoes

What would you wear? Please share!


SabinePsynopsis said...

You lucky, lucky girl! They are such pieces of art I think I would keep the rest simple - 3/4 slim trousers to give them full attention and perhaps a blouse or a t-shirt. Good?

jemina said...

wow those shoes are amazing, i would wear them with cullottes paired with a shirt, or a vintage floral dress, xoxo


Lucky you. Would definitely wear those.:)SarahD

Becca [Free Honey] said...

Love these shoes. I think since they're a little bit on the "serious" side, I'd pair them with something floral and bohemian. Or if you wanted to stick with the serious look, you could wear them with your best office get-up. I'm picturing this would go perfectly with some type of brightly colored pencil skirt.

kittenmasks said...

I'd say something slim & fitted like Victoria Beckham or channel your inner Betty Draper (a la "Mad Men") with something housewife-y, complete with a mini apron.

kittenmasks said...

I say something slim and fitted like Victoria Beckham, or channel your inner Betty Draper (a la "Mad Men"), complete with something housewife-y like a mini apron.

Ingridable said...

Oooh! Purdy! They are sooo me!

Melissa said...

Glad you like them :) Happy someone will get to wear them!