Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Monocle Smile

I was sort of obsessed with the Old Spice man on Youtube today. Spent too much of my day watching and laughing at his hilarious videos, which is where the "monocle smile" came from. Not quite sure what I'm rambling on about? Catch up here and check out Mr. Old Spice Man himself on the Youtube.


My best "monocle smile" sans monocle | Brown sweater vest from Target |Yellow dress from Forever 21 | Spectacle necklace from Forever 21 | Brown braided belt, thrifted | Vintage brown Coach shoulder bag | Jeffrey Campbell Snick Wedges


jemina said...

You look so cute, xoxo

Rebecca said...

I love your dress, even though I have no idea what the monocle smile is!

Anonymous said...

so great, loving every bit of it
loving your blog as always
keep it up, thanks for sharing!
let me know if you'd like to trade links with COSMICaroline


Lucia said...

cute outfiT! perfect for summer. I love the shoes :)

enter my giveaway :)

Anonymous said...


Yaary said...

wow! those heels.