Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get Slushied and Gleek Out

I've tried a couple of the polish colors from the Glee for Sephora by OPI mini kit I bought a little while back.

Slushied is a creamy, opaque blue that goes on pretty well, but I did have to apply two coats to even it out.


Gleek Out is a semi-sheer shimmering green that took three coats to get it to an opacity that I liked. The good thing is that it is pretty thin so three coats didn't become too thick.

Gleek Out

I also put Miss Bossy Pants on my toes, but who wants to see a picture of feet? ;) This semi-shimmery hot pink color is definitely my favorite of the three I've tried so far. I'll have to put it on my fingers soon so I can show you.

Have you tried any of the colors from this collection yet? Which is your fave?

And how did you feel about last night's episode? I was sort of uncomfortable with all the teenagers drinking!


Wendy said...

I agree--a little uncomfortable watching last night's episode. But I think Glee tries to push the envelope, so I shouldn't be surprised.

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Glad I wasn't alone, Wendy!

Unknown said...

I read and watch a lot of YA/teen and a lot of what they do is try on adult faces to practice for when they're adults. I think it's natural. I do think the consequences of drinking should have been bigger and more realistic because it IS a serious thing to be careful with. The show isn't serious enough about ANY of the issues teens face. Even their handling of gays and abuse has been weak or so over the top it was unrealistic. I think the show just needs better writers, in general, that are more in tune with teens' needs. Even envelope-pushing issues should be handled realistically to help teens make responsible decisions. Love the polish colors, though!