Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beauty Review: Leotard Optional

opi for sephora urban ballerina collection - leotard optional

On Easter, my super-awesome roommate gave me an Easter "basket" (it was actually a cosmetics bag) with nail polish and tools--it was the sweetest thing! One of the colors she gave me was this pretty pinkish-beige color from OPI for Sephora's Urban Ballerina collection called Leotard Optional (I adore punny color names!). I tried it out as soon as I could and loved it so much that I wore it for most of the week. It sort of made me want to put on some leg warmers and grande jeté across the room. Okay maybe not really, but I did like it quite a bit!

While we're on the topic of nails, I want to share a photo my sister sent me of an adorable manicure she gave herself.

nail art - blue yellow and white manicure

In her own words, here is how she did it:

I painted the blue first while leaving space for the other other color. I filled the triangle in with yellow then I put white dots to camouflage the line.

Pretty adorable, right?

What polish or nail art designs are you loving lately? Please, share!

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GIAA said...

love the nude color!



Anonymous said...

Love the color! Perfect for spring! XX

LaurenSchoon said...

I love that nude color nail polish!

Fashion Fabrice said...

great nails! i love the nude but for summer the second look is better:) :)

original seed said...

well done these are great

Unknown said...

Looks great! (And I imagine any chips that happen aren't too noticeable.) I saw one of those Salon Effects or whatever they're called things finally in stock in a store (in denim) so I bought one. This is all your fault. :)