Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Secret Bookworm

I've mentioned before that my friend Kristen loves to tell me what "props" go with my outfit. According to her, this outfit needs a stack of vintage books. Love that!

That got me thinking about books and reading in general. I used to be obsessed with reading when I was still in school, but since I entered the workforce, it's been hard to find time to read, except when I'm on a plane. But I've been doing a lot more reading lately, thanks to the time spent on the elliptical at the gym and inspiration from my BFF Wendy.

I've discovered that I absolutely love using the Kindle apps on my phone and iPad. Last weekend, I was reading on my phone while at a party and no one even knew; I'm a secret bookworm!

Vest - Target | Purple tank - Target | Agate tassel necklace - F21 | Skinny jeans - Gap 1969
Bracelets - DIY'd, F21 and H&M | Rebecca Minkoff 'Everyday' bag 
Karen Walker sunglasses (shop similar) |Rock ring - Francesca's Boutique
Jan Michaels lion head ring | Wooden sandals - Target (shop similar)

So far I've been reading Chelsea Handler's books and the Hunger Games series, but what should I read next? What is the best book you've read recently?

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