Saturday, September 24, 2011

Can't Stop Thinking About...

It's time for another round-up of pretty, funny, and/or just plain awesome things I spotted around the interwebs this week!

☁This time-lapse video of San Francisco by WTK Photography is so beautiful and captivating. I'm not much of a video-watcher but this five minutes of beauty was totally worth my time. I especially liked the images at about 2:50.

☁I am super impressed by the inspiration wall DIY I spotted on Semi-Sweet Style. It really makes me want to clear a wall so that I can do this in my home!

☁I don't know anyone who is happy about Netflix's recent changes, myself included. Perhaps that why I find this comic on The Oatmeal so amusing!

☁If I wasn't already a fan of sketch-artist Lauren Friedman of My Closet in Sketches, I would be after seeing this crazy-cool sketch of an even better outfit. I want this look in real life!

☁Warning: This next one might give you a toothache! I'm dying over how good these Butterfinger Blondies look on Little Miss LJ!

☁This neon bracelet DIY doesn't just look awesome, it looks easy, too! Thanks, I Spy DIY! I think I found a project for this weekend!

☁I've never really thought much about what I would want my bachelorette party to be like. Until I saw photos from Meghan of Voila's bachelorette party. 50's-themed and vineyards? Yes, please!

Have a lovely weekend!

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