Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Denim Jacket that Almost Wasn't

I've been wanting to share the story behind the DIY dip-dyed denim jacket I wore to last week's Lucky FABB Conference.  I had been wanting to try Erica Domesek's dip-dye technique ever since I saw it on WhoWhatWear, but I've always been a little scared of bleach. I finally got up the guts to do it a few weeks ago, but instead of shorts or pants, I decided to do it to one of my denim jackets.

I pulled on my gloves, mixed up one part bleach and two parts water in my bucket, and dunked my jacket up to the chest area. After thirty minutes I went back to check on the progress and was surprised to see that thought the solution had been a little brown, very little had changed on the jacket. Her instructions said it may take a few dips so I tried again. But after another thirty minutes, there still wasn't much change. I added more bleach to my next solution and dipped for another half an hour. After that round, I finally saw a shift. I sort of loved the gradual gradient and very nearly stopped here.

But I decided to press on for my original intended result. The only problem was I had used up all the bleach I had on hand. The next day I bought the biggest jug of bleach I could find and started again, this time mixing a solution that was closer to half bleach and half water. This is when I really started to see changes happening. A few dips later and I had a pretty rad looking jacket.

As much as I wanted the dip died look, I knew I couldn't replicate this again if I tried. However, I could definitely buy another denim jacket and try the dip dye again. So I dunked the jacket into the one part vinegar and two parts water solution to stop the bleaching process. I went to throw the empty vinegar and bleach bottles into the recycling bin and got a little distracted. It was probably half an hour before I went back to check on the jacket again. When I came back to it, everything had changed. Most of the remaining color had been removed from the bottom of half of the jacket and the top half came out a bit tie-dyed. I was super sad at first, but I quickly grew to love the result.

Wishbone necklace - c/o Baublebar | Pink tank - c/o Michael Stars | Lace skirt - Urban Outfitters

I have plans to wear it this way for a while and then change it up again. I still want the original intended look and I plan to dip the bottom in bleach once more and then re-dye the top to be dark blue again. So stayed tuned for the next chapter!

Have you ever embarked on a DIY adventure only to have it turn out totally different than intended? I'd love to hear your story!


Tori said...

Wow, turned out great!!

Adam Cloud said...

I really like the end result of the jean jacket! Way cute!

Adiel said...

Thanks, brother! :)

Adiel said...

Thank you!