Friday, June 8, 2012

Karaoke Etiquette

Over the last few months, I've become quite addicted to karaoke. Every Friday, I hit up the super dive-y bar around the corner from my apartment because of the great KJ. The experiences I've had there have led me to assemble a list of unspoken (but apparently written) rules for a fun karaoke experience.

Do Pick a Crowd Pleaser
You have a great responsibility on your shoulders when picking a song to sing; your selection will become a part of the soundtrack for everyone's evening! Ballads are great and all, but throwing a slow jam into a mix of dance tunes can sort of halt the momentum of the evening. However, if everyone there is singing ballads, go for it! Picking a song that others can sing along to

Don't Expect Greatness
I'm not a great singer, but it's fun to get up there and perform. That's why I appreciate the fact that no one expects me to hit even note and doesn't complain when I'm pitchy. And I will always do the same for others!

Do Support Your Fellow Singers
Chances are, not many people on that stage are professional singers and we could all use a little support. Sing along (but not louder than the performer!), dance, and always clap at the end!

Don't Submit a Song For Someone Else
This may seem like common sense, but I've had someone do this to me. A guy who my group refers to as "Top Hat Guy" (seen below) asked our table if one of us would sing Black Eyed Peas with him. None of us wanted to sing any of their awful songs, but I felt bad for him and asked which song. He wanted I've Got a Feeling. (Surprised? You shouldn't be.) I figured I had heard that song enough times (read: Waaaaayyyy more times than I would have liked) that I could back him on it so I agreed.

You can imagine my surprise when I suddenly hear my name called to sing that very song. I begrudgingly sang with him, thinking it must have been a mix up. But then he sang a second song immediately after our duet. It gets worse--because he submitted that song for me, my final song of the night got bumped from the list. Needless to say, I was pissed.

And if you do break this rule, don't be surprised when that person refuses to sing.

Do Sing Loud
If you get up on stage, do everyone a favor and sing with abandon! Put your mouth as close to the microphone as possible without actually touching your lips to it. And don't worry if your voice sounds too loud in your ears, that just means you're doing it right.

Don't Sing a Long Song
Play fair and sing a song under five minutes long, there are people waiting for their turn to wow you with their singing skillz. Besides, do you really want to stand up there by yourself for a 45 second instrumental break?

Do Tip Your KJ
They're the reason you're having such a good time, after all!

This is, of course, a working list! Do you have a karaoke etiquette rule that should be added on? Leave it in the comments!


Amber Gauthier said...

I left a comment, but not sure it went through since something wonky happened when I signed in :P Anyhoo, I think that is a great set of rules. I pretty much follow all of those. But, sometimes it is ok to shake the party up by interrupting a long string of slow ballads with something up tempo; sometimes it will get the party started! I know from experience ;) However, you do have to know the crowd. Inserting a rap song into a long string of country tunes will probably not go over well - I know that from experience, too, but hey, I like to shake things up too, so sometimes I'll just do it anyway. There is usually at least a few other who appreciate it. I don't tip the KJ often, but I DO usually buy him/her a few drinks! Sounds like you are a blast to karaoke with, wish I could come saaaang with you!

Adiel said...

Yeah, you're right--you've def gotta know the crowd before shaking up the tempo. ;)
I would be thrilled to karaoke with you, I hope it happens sometime!

Nicole said...

Super, super, super cute. Remind me we'll all have to go together sometime :)

Adiel said...

I would LOVE that! I go out in Sunnyvale every Friday, but we can plan something out in your neck of the woods soon!

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Do NOT check to see if the microphone is on. Trust me it is in working order. Don't tap it, or do the dreaded "mic check". and whatever you do, please do not scream, yell or drop the microphone. I want to hear people singing. If I wanted to hear screaming, I would stay at home and listen to the kids fight!