Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Week in Instagrams

Here's a quick peek into last week via my Instagrams!

The lovely folks at Keds were kind enough to send me an adorable pair of floral sneakers. But the best part was their always-adorable packaging! The shoes came with a pot, soil, seeds, a shovel, and a watering can--everything needed to see if I have a green thumb!

My friend Mike's birthday was last week and I went out with a bunch of his friends to a dinner at the always entertaining Benihanas.

I loved the presentation of the fishbowl-sized beverage that was ordered at the table.

While I love my Zumba classes, I hate the system that 24 Hour Fitness has for their Group X classes. I have to get to my gym at least an hour and half before the class because it's impossible to find parking. Once I've found a space to leave my car, I have to go stand in a line to wait to get a ticket for the class, which are limited and handed out an hour before class starts. Then I have to figure out what to do with the hour between classes. I could leave, but then I'd have to spend another ten minutes trying to find parking again. This particular time, I walked around the corner to the grocery store and picked up a package of cherries to snack on while I waited. Yum!

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Dora said...

the cherries look delicious. They are my favorite snack lately

Manners and Moxie said...

Love your Insta pics lady!


Tomris (dejafashion) said...

What a fun week! you can see my instagram pics at @trkshdlt or on
x x