Monday, July 16, 2012

Dip Dyed Denim Manicure

A while back I was organizing my nail polish collection and I came across a package of Sally Hansen Salon Effect nail polish strips in Skinny Jeans in one of the drawers. I remembered when I bought them that I was thinking I might never use them because why would I want my nails to look like denim (You'd think that would have stopped me from buying them, but nope! That makes too much sense!)?  That's when a genius idea struck me--dip dyed denim nails! I've had dip dye on the brain ever since I DIY'd my jacket so why not transfer the look to my nails?

To get this look, I applied the denim-patterned strips to my nails. Next I applied white nail polish in layers using a small makeup sponge. I used the brush of the polish to swipe a tiny bit of opaque white at the top. To make it last, I added a coat of my favorite top coat!

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Kristen Kubiak said...

Genius! Love them!

Unknown said...

Those are really cute

Unknown said...

Those are really cute

Amanda Weiss said...

AMAZING ADIEL!! This is soooo fun! <3

carlina said...

Very cool! Always thinking about something ingenious to do with your nails, doll! ;)

x Carlina
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Tomris (dejafashion) said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! How creative of you! I definitely want to try this!
x x

Megan Zietz said...

cool idea!
Xo Megan

Manners and Moxie said...

What great inspiration & they turned out really well!!