Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Last week I finally broke down and handed over some of my hard earned cash in exchange for a laptop schticker. I've been wanting to create one for many months as none of their designs had ever stood out to me before. I've just never had time to be creative and make an exciting design. However, while browsing their site once more a couple weeks back, I finally found a design that I loved.

So I ordered it right away.

It finally arrived yesterday via USPS. It took just a touch longer than I expected to arrive due to the fact that it took a few days after I made my purchase for the product to actually ship. No big deal though. I'm still pleased.

After I got home from panty hell/heaven, I got a chance to put it on. It was perfect, no trimming required. I love it. I think I'll still eventually design my own to put on there. Just need to find some time...

I think this product is pretty fun because its removable and reusable. You could have one schticker or you could have several, you could switch it up as often as you'd like. I believe they are all about $20, but they are offering free shipping on all orders over $30. Let me know what you think if you order one!

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Mikey said...

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