Friday, December 28, 2012

Top Five IBITTM Manicures of 2012

I've been reflecting on 2012 a lot recently and while doing so, I started to wonder what my top manicures of they year were. After checking the stats, the results are in and here they are!

#5 - Coming in at number five, the "Tiffany Engagement Manicure!"

After I got engaged last february, right after telling my family and best friends, the very next thing I did was polish my nails in preparation to be seen. A lot.

#4 - The fourth most popular manicure was the "Dotted Coral Manicure!"

Inspired by my favorite color, I polished this beautiful creation!

#3 - No surprise here--the "Chevron Sparkle Manicure" was your number three pick!

This was one of the manicures I considered submitting when Forever 21 asked me to be a guest editor for them. Love it and I should totally do it again with new colors!

#2 - The "Sherbert Sparkle Manicure" comes in at the second most popular spot.

This was perhaps one of my more advanced and time-consuming designs. But I love how it turned out!

#1 - Finally, IBITTM readers proved the "(Indi)Go-Getter Manicure" my most popular nail design of the year!

This one was all about the impulsive Sephora purchase. Still love this color!

Did your favorite make the top five? What should have been on this list?

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Gotham Polish said...

I adore your engagement manicure :)